Background check error ruined woman’s reputation

background checkA Minnesota mother claims a background check mistake that labelled her a killer ruined her reputation, reports CBS Minnesota.

Now, Lorie Wosmek his hoping a lawsuit will clear her name.

The trouble started for Wosmek after she had spent years volunteering in the Remer School District. She told the station she spent years volunteering in her two sons’ classrooms, and even coached one of their football teams.

“They called me constantly to help out,” Wosmek said.

But, she said, things changed in the fall of 2012 after she submitted to a background check.

“Parents acted strange,” she told CBS Minnesota. “People who said ‘hi’ to me before wouldn’t say ‘hi’ anymore.”

She was ultimately told she was no longer an approved volunteer. A letter later sent to her from the school district with a copy of her background check would explain why.

“All I saw on there was homicide,” she said. “I burst into tears.”

The background check wrongly reflected that Wosmek had committed vehicular homicide, the station reported.

She says the company not only got it wrong but that district employees spread the information for five months. It’s an accusation the school district denies.

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