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What Background Checks Look Like in 2016

Before you make a job offer, know which trends will continue and changes you should expect in the new year.

2016 will see even greater use of background checks as a crucial part of the hiring process. More and more companies are realizing the potential risks of a bad hire and with that, are implementing the routine use of background checks into their application process. The new year will bring about some new or increasingly popular screening trends. Here’s a look.

Going mobile!

It’s probably no surprise that more employers will begin to offer the availability of background screening consent forms via mobile devices. This is inevitable, especially when you consider the increasing number of millennials entering the workforce. Those companies that can provide candidates the ability to fill out their consent and initiate their background screenings from any device are on par with what’s happening with the industry.

Ever evolving regulations

It’s critical for employers to stay on top of compliance issues and labor laws as they relate to background checks. The EEOC continues to enforce regulations and hiring activities while several initiatives have been spreading to change certain application practices. Specifically, the recent adaptation of the “Ban the Box” effort, which requests that employers across the world consider a job applicant’s qualifications first before looking at their criminal background history. The box that asks if a candidate’s had any convictions has actually been removed from applications in several states, but this doesn’t negate the need for a criminal background check.

The 1099 workforce

Just as technology has changed the way we work, it’s also changed where many people work. And with that, there’s been a major increase in the growth of the 1099 workforce, freelancers and independent contractors. For employers, there in lies the need to consider the screening of these contingent employees because it’s likely that no matter what size your company is, you’ll have several of these employees working for you. And while they may not be sitting in your office, they’re a part of your company, serving clients and engaging in company business, which necessitates a thorough understanding of who they are and what their educational and employment history includes (at the very least).

Taking screening to an international level

Many employers are seeing an increase in foreign-born candidates and with that the need to globalize their screenings. There’s also going to be a trend toward screenings of those employees who work in locations in other countries for those corporations who have international divisions.

Increased integration of HR technologies

More businesses of all sizes are beginning to recognize the need to simplify and streamline their Applicant Tracking Systems with screening services and automate their entire hiring process. This will only increase in 2016 as the technology continues to evolve.

Drug testing reassessments

In several states across the US, marijuana is now legal and with that comes the question of whether or not testing for that substance should be included in employment drug screenings. Of course, in Florida and other states where it is still illegal, there’s little need to revise any drug testing policies. As things change, the questions will not only arise around testing. Questions may begin to focus on whether employers want to hire someone who is using marijuana.

As we get deeper into 2016, it’s a smart idea for employers to be aware of what’s on the horizon when it comes to background checks and regulations. Be sure to review these predicted trends and remember that we can offer you a customized background screening program that will be ideally suited to your needs. For more information, get it touch with us today.