Bill requiring dentists to pass background check

pass background checkA new bill that would require dental professionals to pass background check is on the verge of passing through the state legislature.

The Senate Health and Human Services Committee unanimously passed HB2496 on Wednesday. It now needs to pass a full Senate vote before heading to Governor Doug Ducey’s desk for approval.

HB2496 would require new dental professionals to obtain a fingerprint clearance card before they could practice in Arizona. A fingerprint clearance card is essentially a full background check.

However, dental professionals already practicing in the state would not have to obtain a card, according to legislative testimony and records.

Last week, the bill overwhelmingly passed through the House of Representatives with a 50 to 8 vote. That vote came one day after anA BC15 investigation exposed dental professionals are not required to undergo background checks .

ABC15 also uncovered many dentists in Arizona with criminal records for offenses involving drugs and fraud, as well as sex offenses .

In addition to ABC15’s investigation, the lack of background checks for Arizona dentists was a deficiency highlighted in a 2014 state audit.

Many states require full background checks for dental professionals, including neighboring states California, Nevada and New Mexico.

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