Can I See What A Company Sees In My Background Check? On Sbchecks.com

Can I See What a Company Sees in My Background Check?

Can I See What a Company Sees in My Background Check? on sbchecks.com

Absolutely! But there are few different ways to go about getting your copy. Here’s what you need to know!

Background checks are not only commonplace these days; they’ve become a critical tool in the hiring process for many organizations. As a jobseeker, you may have already been asked to sign a consent form from a potential employer giving them permission to run a background check or have been notified that they will be doing one as part of the application process. If you’re wondering what kind of information they can collect about you and if you have the option to see a copy, this guide is for you.

What kind of information can a potential employer see on my background check?

Depending on what kind of check they do, your potential employer can gain access to different kinds of information about you and your past. They can range from just an identity verification like your name, date of birth and social security to more in depth records. Here’s a list of some of the common items that appear on a background check:

  • • Driving records
  • • Vehicle registration
  • • Credit history
  • • Criminal records
  • • Educational background
  • • Court cases and records
  • • Workers compensation claims
  • • Bankruptcy
  • • Medical records
  • • Property ownership
  • • Military records
  • • State licensing records
  • • Drug test Records
  • • Employment history
  • • Personal references
  • • Aliases
  • • Sex offences

The information that your potential employer gathers will depend on the type of screening that they request and is usually relevant to the position you are applying for. For example, if you are applying for a teaching position the company may request sex offender records and any other criminal records to ensure it is safe to hire you. Or if you’re going to be driving a truck that delivers merchandise, they will likely request your driving record, vehicle registration and your criminal background to make sure you don’t have any DUIs or other harmful violations on your record.

Can I see my background check?

If a potential employer uses a screening company to run their background checks, it is not unreasonable for you to request a copy of your report. The Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act specifies that you are entitled to see your credit report and that you have the right to address any inaccuracies that may be listed on it. It also protects certain information like bankruptcies after 10 years, civil suits or judgments that are more than 7 years old, paid tax liens after 7 years and any accounts that have placed in collection after 7 years.

Depending on the state or jurisdiction where you reside, your potential employer may or may not be required to provide you with a copy. If they do not provide you with a copy, you can:

  • • Call the screening company directly and request a copy
  • • Run a background check on yourself

As a jobseeker in today’s business world, a background check is to be expected, especially in top companies. It’s good to know what information they can access when running one on you and what your rights are. See what your company sees—request a copy of your report today.