Criminal background checks in Kansas school districts

School+56A Topeka school bus driver was arrested on child pornography charges stemming from Texas. KAKE News wanted to know which school districts in Kansas required criminal background checks. We learned by state law teachers are required, but bus drivers, teachers’ aides and other staff aren’t.

According to the Kansas Department of Education teachers have to submit fingerprints for a criminal background check that’s done by the Kansas Bureau of Investigations. Other non-licensed staff or classified staff aren’t required. In fact, the school district decides if they need a criminal background check before they’re hired.

KAKE News reached out several school districts including Wichita, Andover, Augusta, Derby, Goddard, Mulvane, and Maize asking them about their criminal background check policy. All these districts required all of it’s employees including bus drivers, teachers’ aides and staff to get a criminal background check.

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