Daycares want more info on background checks

generic-day-care-playground-08112014BEAVERTON, Ore. (KOIN) — State officials said they go through a rigorous process of checking daycare providers, but day care managers don’t get all the details of those reports.

The issue came to light when KOIN 6 News was contacted about a local day care worker who had been convicted of assault. That worker – not being named by KOIN 6 News – cleared the state’s background check.

Court documents revealed the worker was convicted of misdemeanor assault from a fight in December 2013.

The director at Venture Kidz Children’s Center told KOIN 6 News the state’s background check revealed no problems. The background check employers get does not have a criminal history on it. It’s a very brief document — pass or fail.

Even though there was an assault, state officials said, that worker passed the background check after providing more information and getting passed by a mental health professional.

“We take the health and safety of children very, very seriously,” said Aimee Craig, the Early Learning Public Affairs Director for the State of Oregon.  “If any parent is concerned and wants to doublecheck, they should call the office, and report concerns and ask for relevant information.”

KOIN 6 News spoke with Heidi Dodge, the executive director of Class Academy in Portland about the issue. Her daycare is totally unrelated to the Beaverton daycare and its employees.

She feels having a bit more information from the state might be a positive change.

“I think it could be useful in some cases depending on what the misdemeanor was and if that could impact the safety of children,” she said.

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