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Getting The Real Story: What Expert Background Checking Companies Look For

Here’s the inside scoop on what they can find out about you on behalf of your potential employer

Every year, more and more companies are implementing background checks into their hiring processes. It won’t be long before you cannot apply for a job without having certain things about your past examined and reviewed.

For those that may have a skeleton or two in their closet, this is likely a cause for concern. And while nobody is perfect, it is well within a company’s rights to know just who they are hiring. With that in mind, many job seekers wonder just what information potential employers can get access to and this guide will offer some insight.

Criminal Background

Even if you’re not a felon, if you’ve committed an infraction of the law, it may appear on your criminal background check. This includes things like charges brought against you (assault, etc.), misdemeanors, sexual offense cases, fraud, embezzlement, tax evasion, theft, drug and DUI charges and more. Of course, the information they gather about you depends on the type of check they run, it could be on a county, state, national or federal level. If you do have anything in your past that may raise a red flag, it is often a good idea to be transparent about it.

Driving Records

Nearly everyone has received parking tickets in their lifetime, but when your potential employer looks at your driving record, they’re searching for things like DUI charges, license suspensions or revocations, speeding tickets, collisions, accidents, registration information and other related items. Depending on the job you’re applying for, like a delivery or truck driver for example, this information may be a key element to their hiring decision.

Credit History

It may not seem fair, but employers do have the right to check your credit when you’re applying for a job. While a couple of late payments usually won’t be a deal-breaker, many employers shy away from those who have a history of defaulted loans, accounts in collections and other negative actions. When they run credit reports, employers are generally looking to see how trustworthy you are, especially if the position you’re applying for is one that involves a lot of financial responsibility.


You’ve filled out the application and listed your high school and college history, shouldn’t that be enough? Unfortunately, sometimes a bad apple can spoil the whole bunch and in this case, there are folks who have been known to exaggerate or even falsify their educational background. Using a professional background check company, your potential employer can verify your schooling, including what your major was and what degrees you have earned.


Just as they can have access to your educational background, if you’ve earned any certifications or have special licensing, a background screening company can get access to those records.


Providing you are who you say you are, this type of screening is usually not a problem. But because of the rise in identity fraud as of late, most employers will want to verify your name, date of birth and social security number.

Whether you are applying for a position as a librarian, a truck driver or a surgeon, background checks are a reality that you and every other job seeker has to contend with. If you are concerned about what may appear in your background screening, it is advisable to run a check on yourself ahead of time to be aware of what’s there and address any errors or inaccuracies.