Dos And Donts During An Interview

Hiring and Interview reminders (Some Do’s and Don’ts) for Newbies:

Do ask a lot of open ended questions such as tell me about a situation when you faced this issue? How did you handle it…Tell me more…etc.

Don’t ask: Age, race or religion related questions.


Do use scientific assessments if possible to supplement your gut feelings and intuition and some good ones suggest good questions based on specific results for that candidate’s potential blind spots.

Don’t use personality based ones such as Myers Briggs for hiring decisions. While these types make a great tool for team building and development, they are not EEOC compliant and may be deemed discriminatory if used during the selection stage.


Do have the applicant spend time with more than one person and be interviewed then compare notes to look for inconsistent and additional data and perspective.

Don’t rely on one interaction to make your hiring decision. It is imperative that the process is spread out over a few days starting with an initial phone screen then a couple of interviews over different dates to look for consistency.


Do take good notes including demeanor and reactions to questions in addition to content of responses and make sure all who interview applicant do the same to cross reference and compare.

Don’t make note of personal, health related, race, age or religious references even if the applicant discusses it or brings while answering another question.


While there is more to the interviewing and selection process, being mindful of the above is a great step in the right direction.