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Hiring Trends: What High-Growth Companies Need to Know

What you should expect when searching for “the one”

One of the biggest challenges for managing growth is hiring the right people. As your success builds, people take notice. Job candidates who previously skipped over your listing would now love to be on your team.

The challenge many high growth companies face is finding the right people in the right timeframe. While new bodies are necessary to sustain your growth, you can’t hire just anybody. So let’s explore a few of today’s hiring trends and discover how they can make hiring a quick, efficient and effective process.

Top hiring managers are highly rewarded

High-growth companies know the importance of locating, contacting and recruiting excellent talent. But how is this accomplished? Through the hard work of hiring managers. For companies that want to be able to hire and keep the best professionals, a well-rewarded hiring manager is a must.

A good hiring manager has the ability to attract, hire and develop the best candidates for a wide variety of positions, which means they can be one of the most valuable assets for your growing company. Hiring managers will be in demand, and if you want to get the best people for your team, you should expect to treat your recruiters like MPVs.

Recruiting top talent is now treated like advertising

In the past, companies would list their positions with a brief description, desired skills, and maybe a few bullet points. This strategy may still be effective for basic-level positions, but for those that require a more developed skill set, you need to treat the job pool like potential customers and the job listing like an advertisement.

This means addressing more than just work hours and salary. It means creating motivating messages that make people want to knock down the door for an interview. Skilled, educated, in-demand candidates have options, so you need to tell people why they should work for you, emphasizing culture, work-life balance, and upward potential. When high-demand people search for a job, they want more than a position, they want a quality lifestyle.

Contact becomes quicker, while vetting becomes longer

In the digital world we live in, making basic connections is easier than ever. You can use email, Facebook, LinkedIn, phone calls, and dozens of different hiring sites to contact people. This trend is likely to increase, as more job searchers see the value of having profiles on numerous sites. You can contact thousands of potential candidates. The downside is that you must narrow down numerous candidates, many of whom will bombard you with messages seeking your attention, to the one who best fits your needs.
Roughly 94 percent of employers use LinkedIn, while 66 percent use Facebook for recruiting purposes, says a 2014 study by Jobvite. Their findings also showed that 74 percent of recruiters have hired a candidate through social media.

The process of basic, upfront contact is pervasive, but that means your vetting process needs to be more thorough and accurate. Business will need to sort through hundreds, sometimes thousands of candidates, and high-growth companies are often inundated, to the point of paralysis, with applications.

Because people want to work for successful teams, high-growth groups are going to need a plan for searching through the piles of candidates. They will also need a plan for interviewing, communicating, and conducting background searches.

Get the right information when you’re hiring

If you’re responsible for a high-growth company, you’re going to need to hire high-quality, reliable people to continue your success. Make sure you have the right information by contacting Sentinel Background Checks, your source for accurate, thorough information.