Driver Leaned Out Of The Cockpit And Shows That It All Okay

HopSkipDrive, The Uber For Kids, Picks Up $3.9 Million In Seed Funding

Unless you’re Jaqueline Voorheese from The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, chances are you’re not letting Uber drivers shuttle around your kids to and from school, practice, classes, etc. But that doesn’t mean there’s no need for a little transportation-based help with the little ones.

HopSkipDrive, a startup that just received $3.9 million in seed funding, is looking to hook up cautious yet busy parents.

The startup lets parents set up pre-scheduled pick-up times for their kids with trusted, thoroughly vetted drivers to help get kids around town when time simply doesn’t allow parents to do it themselves.

Here’s how it works:

Parents schedule a ride with a ‘CareDriver’ and are sent a short bio for that driver, a picture, and are required to enter in a code word for the ride. The parent then relays that information to the child, and then to the school or daycare organization from which the kid is getting picked up. That way, little Tommy or Patty knows how to identify their ‘CareDriver’ through both the photo and the code word.

Parents can track the ride in real time through the app and have multiple methods of contacting the driver at any time.

But HopSkipDrive goes far beyond that when it comes to security.

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