Job Hunting

Is it Time to Look for a New Job?

Do you get a pit in your stomach on Sunday evenings because you know the new work week is starting? Do you have to force yourself into the car each day to drive yourself to your job? Many people are stuck in jobs they feel are going nowhere  yet they continue to stay. It can be a very stressful existence to dread going to work each day and can even be detrimental to your health, yet many people find themselves staying put regardless of the damage it is doing.

Why Do We Stay?

First, let’s look at why we stay in jobs we loathe.

  1. Fear of the unknown. Human beings tend to get comfortable when stuck in a rut. While it may not be comfort in the true sense of the word, it is a reliable feeling and we know what to expect each day, therefore the surprise element is eliminated. Going into the same boring job may not bring any joy to our lives, but we know we can handle it because we’ve been doing it every day. Branching out to a new position or a new company, however, can be quite scary. For some, even the thought of leaving the comfort of their rut can provoke an anxiety attack.
  2. Lack of confidence in ourselves. Even though we may daydream about the possibilities of finding a more meaningful career, many of us don’t have the confidence that we can actually follow these dreams. Just reading through the job requirements at the simplest of jobs can make one feel inadequate because of the specificity in skills that many companies seek.  It is easy to begin to feel you will never find a job that matches exactly to your own skillset.
  3. Fear of rejection. No one likes rejection. Yet if you want to find a new job, you will likely face a vast amount of rejection along the way. This fear of rejection tends to stop people from putting in the effort of finding a new position.
  4. It’s just too exhausting to job hunt. There is definitely truth to the old saying that looking for a job is the hardest job you’ll ever have. It is exhausting, grueling and time consuming work. For many, even the thought of beginning the process is so exhausting that they put it out of their minds immediately.
  5. Gotta pay the bills. We all have them and we all need to pay them. If you have a home, a car, a family – basically if you are an adult – you have these expenses. Jumping ship from a job you feel secure at – although unhappy at – may seem impossible. What if the new company goes under? What if there are mass layoffs in your new position? These are some of the very real possibilities that can happen if you leave your current job.

 Why We Should Go

Now we know why we stay, but why should we leave?

  1. Every day is a struggle.  Do you literally have to talk yourself into going to work each day? Do you lie in bed thinking of excuses to call in? If every single day it takes every effort you have just to get through the work day, it’s probably time to leave.
  2. Your health is declining. If you are unhappy and stressed at work, it is inevitable that your health will eventually begin to suffer. It is impossible to exist in these conditions without it affecting you either emotionally, physically or likely both. If you’ve been spending lunch hours filling prescriptions, or coming home and yelling at your family every day, it’s probably time to start looking for a new job.
  3. The company is going nowhere. Were you promised the moon when you started your job? Did you feel the excitement of being on the cutting edge of a company that was going to blast off with you on board?  But now it’s been a few years, you’ve never been given any of the raises you were promised and the company is even smaller than when you started. If this has happened to you, it’s probably time to consider a new company.
  4. No work/life balance. Maybe the crazy hours you work suited you years ago when you started your job, but now you have homework time with the kids, soccer games to drive to and a multitude of other family responsibilities. Now working all those extra hours or coming in on a Saturday morning are just not possible. If you feel that your personal life is suffering because of the demands at your job, it may be time to search other options.
  5. You’re not challenged. If you feel like you could do your job in your sleep or get your eight hours of work completed in three hours, you’re likely not being challenged.  We all want to feel stimulated at our jobs. Being challenged  boosts our self-worth, makes the days go faster and makes our jobs more enjoyable. When that challenge is non-existent it can lead to unhappiness and feelings of worthlessness. If you feel this way, it’s time to scan those want ads.

Looking for a new job is always scary. But it can also be very exciting. Not everyone can just up and leave their jobs, but for many, at least opening yourself to the possibilities can be the first step in finding happiness and security at a new job. Even spending 10 or 15 minutes searching the want ads or sending out your resume can begin to open new doors and new possibilities. It may take time, but it can be the difference between being comfortable in a rut and thriving.

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