Social Media Age

Job Hunting in the Social Media Age

Once upon a time job hunting required more than a computer and internet connection. Job hunters had to peruse newspapers, make phone calls and mail or hand deliver applications and resumes. That time has long since passed. In today’s social media age, nearly every aspect of the job hunting and hiring is done online.

Social Media Age Opens up Possibilities

Job search boards like Indeed.com and Monster.com have put job openings at your fingertips – literally. While online job searches have been around for a while, the social media age has taken job hunting to a new realm. There are now hundreds of places to find a job, all while sitting at home. The old saying “Finding a job is the hardest job you’ll ever have,” is still true, but social media has vastly reduced the legwork that was once required.

Platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have become the center of the job hunting market. Job fairs, networking events and other in-person job hunting activities are still popular but social media has taken the lead.

HR recruiters also use social media to find the perfect job candidate. In fact, many times jobs find people instead of people finding jobs. The simple act of having your personal profile on a site like LinkedIn opens you up to prospective employers without having to actively job hunt.

Job Hunter Beware

One downfall in the social media age is that people sometimes share too much. Facebook pages may be full of political rants, racy pictures or other unprofessional posts.  You may consider this your personal page to do with how you see fit, prospective employers may search these pages to get a better idea of who they’re hiring. Your LinkedIn page may be crammed with certifications, skill endorsements and qualifications, but posting disparaging remarks or showcasing lewd behavior on another site can be your downfall. Everything is open to inspection when you share too much.

Have a Social Media Presence

The social media age has opened up professional networks to degrees that were once impossible to imagine. People often have 500+ connections, putting them on other people’s radar when there are job openings in their field. It has now become almost mandatory to have a social media presence in order to find employment. Recruiters tend to scan these pages for prospects before going down other avenues. In fact, according to Jobcast.net, 94% of companies used a social media platform for recruiting in 2014. In addition, careerprofiles.com reported that almost 90% of companies surveyed by Capterra hired an employee via a social network platform.

Keep Up-to-Date

Social media has exploded over the last several years with new platforms going live on a constant basis. It is important for job hunters to stay on type of social media trends and know which pages are most active among professionals. Another must is to keep your page up-to-date with your latest skill set, certifications and professional licenses. This is your showcase and the easiest way to put yourself out there for employers.

Lastly, don’t forget to check your social media pages. You never know when that perfect opportunity will find you.

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