Give meaning to your selection process; match the right person, not only to right position, but to your company environment. Identify that top performer, increase productivity and synergy.

POP™ assessments can help you take the guess work out of the hiring process with a more integrated solution of psychometric profiling.
Our screening and selection tools provides details about the candidate’s core character traits, education, salary expectations and employment history; these tools are suitable for employee recruiting and selection, succession planning, leadership development, career self management and performance coaching. All reports will provide feedback, interview suggestions, retention strategies and coaching suggestions.

With over 50 solutions available in multiple languages, our assessments are categorized for:

  • Management
  • Sales
  • Call Centers
  • Service
  • Individual Contributors
  • Career Management
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Organization Assessments

Screening Tools

Complement your recruiting process by adding effective and efficient screening tools that will help you save time by selecting the most qualified candidates and screen out the unqualified. The detailed reporting system will provide recruiting managers with a real time “green light” report for those candidates that are statistically most likely to perform in a given role and can move forward to the selection process. Selection tools and profiles use science and advance statistical methods to help you with your selection, training and development decisions.  Use these tools to accurately predict performance and retention while dramatically increasing results and candidate flow.

PERSONAL ORIENTATION PROFILE (POP™) SCREEN – A state-of-the-art psychometric profiling tool tailors for Sales Positions: Recruit sales workforce; Identify candidates that will perform in a sales role; Remove candidates that are not a “Fit” for a sales role.

MANAGEMENT SCREEN™ – Provides and efficient and economical solution for selecting a potential candidate for a managerial and supervisory role. This tool will assess inherent talent, effort history and position fit.

SUPERVISOR SCREEN™ – Provides and efficient and economical solution for selecting a potential candidate for the highest supervisory role. This tool will assess inherent talent, effort history and position fit.

SERVICE SCREEN™ – Provides a solution to the challenge of targeting and screening a high volume of recruits for service-related roles. Screen candidates based on fit with various service roles, increase candidate flow, reduce time to hire and better hiring decisions that impact the organization’s bottom line.

PERSONAL ORIENTATION PROFILE (POP™) – Assessment tool used to select and develop high performing sales people and has been proven to predict performance and retention. It provides recruiting managers with interview suggestions, matching considerations and coaching suggestions. Report also includes the individual’s strengths and growth opportunities and as well as coaching and development support.

SALES PRO – A tool used in the selection and development of high performing sales people, involved in sales process that requires building long-term client relationships.

MANAGEMENT PRO – Assessment tool ideal for executive recruiting and selection. It is proven effective in predicting performance and retention. The detail report can also be used for team building, executive coaching, conflict resolution, succession planning and matching individuals to mentors, peers and staff.

PROFESSIONAL PRO – Psychometric profile designed to help select and retain all types of professionals. This profile is targeted at predicting high level performance in professional positions. The report provides detailed feedback for an individual’s selection, coaching, personal growth and fit to projects and teams.

LEADER PRO – A selection and coaching tool designed specifically to help organizations select and develop leadership potential. It assesses the key personality traits, attitudes and leadership competencies associated with high potential leaders.

CONTACT CENTER PRO – Is a personality profile that assesses an individual’s fit with contact center environments. It can you select people based on their approach to service, decision making skills, attitude about their role, heir success with scripts and structure and other factors necessary for success in customer service roles.

ADMIN PRO – Is a selection and coaching tool specifically designed to quickly help and efficiently select all levels of administration personnel and associates. It will help select candidates who are well-matched to a unique culture based on their approach to teamwork, their service and sales orientation, their attitudes, and other essential factors.

CUSTOMER SERVICE PRO – Is a normative psychometric profile designed for the selection, training, and coaching of people for customer service, hospitality, and other roles that require first-rate client/customer relationship management.

INTEGRITY PRO – Is a state-of-the-art selection and recruiting tool that helps identify individuals with high levels of integrity, honesty, and sound moral reasoning.

FRANCHISE PRO – Is a validated assessment tool developed specifically for franchise operations. It provides strategic insight to help select franchisees who are most likely to be successful and provides reports on the traits and attitudes shown to be relevant to success in operating various types of franchises.

360 PRO – Measures specific facets of your organization’s working environment and structured management model. This assessment tool provides leaders, managers, and employees with structured, practical feedback regarding specific competencies, strengths, and styles.

EXIT INTERVIEW – Is a customized, web-based assessment that provides candid information on how people feel about their performance and working conditions, as well as the reasons they leave your organization both voluntarily and involuntarily.

TEAM PRO – Combines the latest technology with powerful psychometric profiles to provide a solid, scientific foundation to help create a new team or evolve an existing team. It is an essential component of any talent management system. The Team Pro™ is ideal for HR professionals, project managers, coaches, managers, sales professionals, and sports teams.