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The Pros and Cons of Rehiring

To rehire a former employee or not to rehire? That is the question. Some companies believe in bringing in former workers while others have a no-rehire policy. Whether you are a business that currently rehires former employees, or you are one that is considering on changing your no-rehire policy, it is important to understand some pros and cons that deal with the situation.


  1. Fast Training: Rehiring a former employee could mean a shorter training period for both the worker and your company. Depending on the amount of time and work that the person spent before leaving, the employee may have the ability to jump straight back into working the job with ease.

NOTICE: Any special type of training, regarding needing to be certified for a state and/or federal regulation, may need to be redone despite the worker being certified from their original employment.

  1. New Skills: Not only will you be bringing back a known set of skills with a rehire, you could be bringing in new skills as well. If the potential rehires ventured off into new territory during their time away, those people could have gained new skills that will benefit both the growth of their former position and the company.
  2. Quicker Background Check: Hopefully you were wise to order a full background check on the initial employment with a potential rehire. If so, you can limit your time on a new background check by not having to worry about verifying your candidate. However, it is still imperative that you screen for a possible criminal record as well as reference-check with other employers your candidate may have worked for during their time away.
  3. Strengthen Company Morale: If a potential rehire had an exceptional ability to connect with the rest of your workforce, it would be in the company’s best interest to bring them back. A happy workforce is a productive workforce.



  1. Poor Worker: It is important that your HR department files away all factors for an employee’s departure. Was the person fired due to poor performance reviews? Was the person let go due to disobeying a company policy? By having accurate files on former workers, hiring managers can have the right information in front of them to help determine if a rehire is the right choice.
  2. Grudges: Sometimes, layoffs are an unfortunate part of owning/running a business. If you are looking to bring back a former worker who had to be let go due to cutbacks, it is important to see how they view currently feel about the situation. A potential rehire who holds a grudge towards management may not be the best choice for the company. It is important to discuss with a potential rehire and make sure that both parties have moved on from past employment decisions.
  3. Limited Skills: Bringing back a former worker due to their knowledge of the position may seem like the best hiring choice, but it may not always be the best decision. Sometimes, it is better to look for a new worker who has the potential to take the position even further than the last person. It is useful to your company’s growth when you are looking for young talent that is entering the workforce to bring in new skill sets and ideas.
  4. Bad Team Player: Just as a former employee could have been great for company morale, unfortunately, there are those workers who just did not work well with others. It wise to take into consideration the feelings of your other employees. If you know that a potential rehire is not a team player, you need to make sure that the decision you make does not hinder company morale.

REMINDER: Always check with your HR department and/or legal department to ensure that all your hiring/employment practices abide by the regulations provided by the EEOC as well as all other state and federal labor laws.

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