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Understanding Millennials: The Key to Your Future Hiring Practices

Why your company needs them—and how to get them on your team

It’s been a long time coming, but businesses around the world are beginning to make an effort to understand this unique generation. Millennials, the largest generation in history to date, number nearly 80 million and make up more than one third of the American workforce. And that percentage will increase to 75% by the year 2025.

But besides the fact that there are so many of them, what makes them so different? The answer is multi-faceted, which is the reason why many business owners have long struggled to understand what makes them tick, how to recruit them and how to retain them.

This guide will offer insight into millennials, what they’re looking for in a career and how you can get those that promise to be the highest performing workforce in history on your team.

Characteristics of millennials

Before you can begin to understand what makes millennials tick, it’s important to know who they are and what traits they have that make them so unique. Born between 1980 and 2000, the Y generation is the first in history to be born into a technologically advanced society. They were raised (or are being raised) by parents who praised them for thinking creatively, for achievements (big or small) and gave them frequent feedback. They were taught that their opinions matter and that they are important to the world. With this information in mind, it’s not surprising that millennials are self-confident and believe that they are valuable assets to any company.

Some of their other characteristics include:

  • • Tech savvy
  • • Highly educated
  • • Purpose driven
  • • Team orientated
  • • Multi-taskers
  • • Highly connected
  • • Optimistic
  • • Open-minded
  • • Passionate about equality
  • • Active socially

What they’re looking for in a career

In the past, many employers had misconceptions or did not understand what millennials were all about. Many companies viewed this generation as being lazy and entitled. But the reality is that they are just as willing to work hard—as long as their job fulfills their unique requirements.

Because they grew up believing in themselves and feeling like they had a responsibility to make an impact on the world, millennials want a career that affords them the opportunity to do something with purpose. Their motivation goes beyond earning a good salary as they look for work that’s meaningful and gives them the ability to maintain a work-life balance. Other elements they look for include:

  • • Flexibility in their schedule
  • • The ability to work remotely when possible
  • • Technology
  • • Goals and deadlines
  • • Recognition
  • • The ability to advance
  • • Opportunity to collaborate
  • • A transparent relationship with management & coworkers

How they expect to be recruited and hired

Job-seeking millennials don’t scour the classified ads like generations did in the past. Instead, they search online for opportunities using social media and career sites. They make connections, communicate via text, email and video and expect to be recruited digitally by companies that are technologically advanced, just like them.

If you’re looking to hire millennials, it’s key to understand these facts and, if you haven’t already, get onboard with online job postings, engaging on social media and utilizing today’s digital recruitment tools. Potential candidates should be able to fill out their application online, either on your company’s website or through one of the career sites. They also expect to be interviewed by phone or video before meeting you in person.

Millennials also know that you will do your homework, whether checking them out on social media, by running a background check or both. And you should expect them to know all about you and what your company does, because they will also research your company before they even apply.

There’s no doubt to the capabilities of this amazing generation. They have the world at their fingertips and are poised to make a huge impact on business as more of them take their place in the workforce. For companies that seek innovative, high performers, millennials are key assets.

If you need more information on hiring millennials or need to implement a background screening program into your hiring process, give us a call. Get started today and our experts will review your current hiring and screening process at no cost.